Yet Another Cigarette Related Fire

You would think that fires sparked by cigarette butts just would not happen. After all, putting out a cigarette is hardly rocket science. But there is a warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona that would tell you (if it could) that putting out cigarettes properly is the same as doing weekend homework on Friday night: it just isn’t happening. The damage of the fire so far has cost the owner reportedly $8 million in property damage.

It is nothing new to hear about improperly disregarded cigarettes starting fires, but perhaps what makes this such an alarming case is that whoever threw the cigarette butt threw the butt on a pile of cardboard boxes. So we not only have a person out there running around who is cool with not putting out his cigarette the right way, but they are such a loose cannon they’ll throw their still lit cigarette on cardboard boxes, knowing full well that cardboard is flammable. It makes one wonder if whoever is responsible put on a pair of sunglasses as they walked away in slow motion from their soon to be disaster. Clearly we are dealing with a mad man on the edge.

In all seriousness, this is yet another example of common sense being in glorious absence. This could have been avoided if the person who disregarded the cigarette had only taken an extra second to see to it that it was fully extinguished. Let this be a lesson to everybody out there: Make sure your cigarette isn’t lit before you throw it away or you too could cause $8 million in property damage.

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