cigarette fire

Yet Another Cigarette Fire

At some point people are going to have to learn basic cigarette safety, right? A 47 year old woman threw a cigarette butt into a pot that contained cleaning fluid soaked rags. The rags quickly ignited, causing a massive fire.

It makes one wonder if people these days know how to properly put out a regular cigarette anymore. This is most certainly not the only cigarette related fire we’ve covered here. In act it isn’t even the first cigarette related fire we’ve covered this month. It makes one wonder just why so many people do not grasp the concept that not fully putting out a cigarette is a bad idea?

The woman responsible for the fire is lucky that nobody was in the home when it caught fire. Firefighters that were on the scene have said that the house is a complete loss, which is even worse given it was a rental home. It cannot be stressed enough that putting out your cigarette when you are done with it is massively important.

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