Wisconsin Bans E Cigarette Sales From Minors

In what is coming as a shock to absolutely nobody, the state of Wisconsin has just banned the sale of e cigarettes to minors. While e cigarettes have no known adverse effects on the health of those who use them or the people around the e cigarette user, e cigarettes have been grouped in with a large portion of the anti-smoking laws that are being passed across the country. Many e cigarette advocates feel that such a ban is, while not pointless, a no brainer. The fact is with cigarette advertisement at nearly non existent levels, it makes one wonder just how kids find out about e cigarettes to begin with.

On top of that, e cigarettes are alluded to as tobacco products, which means that it was already difficult for them to get their hands on the products to begin with. And with smoking among young people down lower than ever, it makes one wonder just what kind of an impact this ban will have, if any. While many e cigarette users feel that the ban was a common sense matter, it makes some wonder if the ban is simply because it resembles a cigarette or if it was because of legitimize concern and actual thought went into it.

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    Kyle Newton

    We do not, nor have we ever endorsed selling e cigs to children. The comments were that there is no surprise as what they were doing as stated by this quote: “Many e cigarette advocates feel that such a ban is, while not pointless, a no brainer”.

    We never endorse a minor getting anything like this and we believe they are only for adult current smokers. We do not even want an adult who has never smoked to try them. They are strictly for cigarette smokers who have been smoking a while.

  2. Jason Bushnell

    I agree with Nathan 100%. I JUST bought and e cigarette today, and have ordered some heavy duty juice so that i can TRY and kick my dipping habit. I will try and beat the nicotine once i have the chew kicked. I do not think kids should even start a nicotine addiction. Shoulda listened to my dad.

  3. Nathan Swanson

    Well, I am an E-Cigarette user… But here’s my reasoning. E-Cigarettes still contain nicotine (which is very addictive). Having kids smoke E-Cigarettes just helps them develop an early addiction to nicotine. True, it is a healthier, better alternative to tobacco products, the fact of the matter is that nicotine is still the addictive part of the cigarette. The tobacco does the most damage (as far as cancers and heart disease go), but E-Cigarettes should mainly be used as an alternative to cigarette smoking. E-Cigarettes should not be used as a way to just safely smoke, because the ultimate goal is to not encourage or promote any type of addiction. Nicotine should be monitored like any other addictive drug on the market.

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