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Will Tailored Help Bring Progress in Quitting Smoking?

A recent study group designed to see whether or not anti-smoking advice that was tailor made to fit individual smokers was more effective than generalized advice was met with the surprising result that for the most part generalized advice was more effective.

As a result of this it seems that researchers are going to try and find a way to meld the two styles of advice giving together. The result would be one in which the individual information of the person is factored in with advice that seems to work well for everybody. While this would certainly be preferable to the so-called nicotine vaccine that has recently been proposed, it makes one wonder just how well this will work out.

Another point of curiosity is whether or not smoking cessation of any kind will make its way into such studies. While the goal of these studies seems to be to get people off nicotine, it makes one wonder if they are focusing on the affects that the other four thousand chemicals and carcinogens have on people or if nicotine is simply (and perhaps even wrongfully) being singled out as the sole cause of smoking addiction. Time will tell just what results this study will yield in the long run.


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