power kit

Why You Want the Power Kit

If you are an e cigarette user who has decided only recently that you want to make a permanent switch to them then that means you are probably ready to get a full kit. If you really want to get the full e cig experience then there is no better kit for you than the Power Kit.

The Power Kit represents the absolute best selection of e cig products from 7s giving you everything you need to be a permanent e cig user. It comes with every major accessory that you would need. You receive sixteen cartomizers, a charging case, two batteries, a storage box, and chargers. This is absolutely everything you need to start using e cigarettes on a permanent basis.

On top of the necessary accessories, the Power Kit also makes for a great display piece with an elegant and classy storage box. While some other e cigarette brands use loudly designed boxes that are thrown away within minutes of being purchased the Power Kit storage box is at the forefront of reusability, keeping your e cig safe when you are not using it.

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