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Why the One Battery Kit is a Perfect Gift

If you are a smoker who has been wanting to switch over to e cigarettes or know someone who falls into that category then there is no better place to start using them with the No 7 One Battery Kit. The One Kit is a perfect gift because it gives you absolutely everything you need to get started with e cigarettes. You get one battery, four cartomizers, and a USB charger. This may make it the most basic kit available but it is the perfect kit for first time e cigarette users.

Despite the the fact that there are not many accessories or components to this kit it is still perfect for those who want a little bit of variety when they start out. This is because the kit allows you the option of picking the flavors of your cartomizers. You can choose from tobacco, menthol, or blueberry.

Perhaps the best thing about this kit is its affordability. At $29.99 you get a kit that you can continue to use long after you have completely made the switch over to e cigarettes. This is arguably the most cost effective kit on the market and will make a perfect gift for the smoker in your life.

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