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Why Making Your Own E Liquid is a Bad Idea

E liquid is probably the heart of e cigarettes. When you talk about e cigarettes you simply have to bring up what e liquid you use and what flavor you prefer. E liquid comes in so many different flavors and there are so many great starter kits that have different e liquids in them. But it is somewhat disturbing that there is a growing trend among e cigarette users where they are attempting to make their own e liquid. Here are some reasons why that is a bad move and why you should just stick to regular e liquid.

The fact is that e liquid is something that takes a very exact formula to get right. Much like with e cigarette modding, it can be very dangerous if you get even the slightest thing wrong. On top of the fact that getting nicotine on your skin is dangerous, it is easy to misjudge how much nicotine you have put in. On top of the potential health risk you are taking there, you will probably end up with e liquid that isn’t satisfying either.

If you really want to have the best e liquid you can possibly have then you are best off just buying e liquid in bulk. Time is money, and you will spend more time and money trying to perfect an e liquid recipe than you will just buying a bottle. It’s a simple fact.

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