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Why E Cigs Are Here to Stay

If you or someone you know smokes an electronic cigarette then there have likely been questions asked about what it is, what it does, and how it works. Many people look at electronic cigarettes as a passing fad even though statistics show that it is anything but. While the uniqueness of an electronic cigarette may seem like something along the lines of a short lived trend there are many reasons that it seems electronic cigarettes will not only be staying around for quite awhile but may also become just as much of a staple in everyday life as the traditional tobacco cigarette once was.

One of the main reasons that electronic cigarettes continue to rise in popularity is because of the price and the money saved. Similar to when one makes a small investment by buying a carton of traditional cigarettes vs just a pack, an electronic cigarette user can easily pay half as much for double the amount of product. This has led to not only a wide spread in popularity but an obvious growth through word of mouth. After all what’s better to tell your loved ones then that you found a way to save a lot of money.

Another way that electronic cigarettes are grabbing a major foothold in the market is portability. With traditional cigarettes you must at all times have your pack of cigarettes, a lighter, and a place to dispose of your ashes and cigarette butt safely. With electronic cigarettes the only thing you need carry is the e cigarette itself since we now have e cigs and tanks that are easily refilled with e liquid and last a whole day even for the heaviest smokers. If you are having a particularly long or hectic day with most e cigarettes you also have the choices of carrying a charger of some sort which comes in a wide variety of forms including USB, wall, and car chargers. This allows the smoker to have a fully charger e cigarette at all times.

While at first it seemed most electronic cigarette users were using e cigs simply because of the newness of the product they have since learned that there are a multitude of reasons to remain an electronic cigarette user vs a traditional cigarette smoker. What at one time had seemed just a mere novelty has turned into a fresh, modern, and lasting innovation into the way that we smoke.

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