e cigarettes are eco friendly

Why E Cigarettes Are More Eco Friendly

When you get down to it, part of the reason why smokers have such bad reputations stems from the fact that they leave behind way more trash than necessary. When was the last time you walked down a sidewalk and didn’t see at least one cigarette butt on the ground? The fact is that smokers are notorious for not only leaving behind nasty cigarette butts, but the smoke and ashes left behind don’t do the environment any favors either. But smokers who have switched over to e cigarettes know just how eco friendly e cigarettes are, especially when compared to regular cigarettes.

It takes years for a single cigarette butt to fully break down. And yet smokers throw them on the ground without a second thought. The amount of damage done by a single cigarette butt may not exactly sound devastating but when you consider the number of cigarettes in each pack and how many people smoke in the US alone, the damage being done to the planet on a daily basis is almost innumerable. E cigarettes take cigarette butts completely out of the equation. In fact, because most of the e liquid cartridges at the end of e cigarettes are refillable, you rarely ever need to throw one away.

E cigarettes also take ashes out of the nasty equation, which means that you can use your e cigarette all day and not have to worry about throwing out any ashes. It is that level of cleanliness that has made e cigarettes become increasingly popular among smokers who want to protect the environment but still be able to smoke. It is the perfect compromise.


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