Why E Cigarettes Are Good

If you are a smoker who is looking for an amazing alternative to cigarettes, then you are not alone. There are smokers everywhere who wish for a great alternative to cigarettes. However, there are also smokers everywhere who no longer have to look for an alternative because they found one in e cigarettes. E cigarettes are better, more convenient, and more cost effective than regular cigarettes in every way possible.

Something like flavor cannot really be rated because everyone has different tastes and opinions. But many of the people who have made the switch to e cigarettes have expressed enthusiasm not just at the strong and satisfying flavor, but at the fact that there is a greater selection of flavors with e cigarettes than there are with regular cigarettes. Greater flavor variety means that e cigarettes have more to offer to those who are just flat out sick of traditional tobacco flavor.

E cigarettes also offer up greater convenience for the user. With cigarettes you will spend more time getting the pack and lighter out, pulling out the cigarette itself, and lighting it than you probably will actually smoking it. And if you are in a hurry or on break, those are precious seconds. With an e cigarette, if you are out and about, the only step you need to take is taking out your e cigarette and enjoying it. No lighters, no ash trays, and most importantly no wasted time. That also means that you do not have to worry about cleaning up ashes or throwing away cigarette butts.

And now for the matter of cost effectiveness. E cigarette flavor cartridges usually last the average smoker little more than a day, which is longer than the average smoker goes through a pack of cigarettes. That is one single cartridge (of a pack of cartridge) lasting longer than one whole pack of cigarettes. The best part? The costs of both are roughly the same (depending on the area in which you live, in which case the cigarettes are even more expensive). Think of the money saving potential.

You may be wondering now, just where to start with e cigarettes. The My 7’s brand prides itself on being a great quality, user friendly e cigarette that is not only great to start with, but is an e cigarette you will want to keeping using long after you and e cigarettes are well acquainted.

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