Why Buy Disposable Cartons

For many e cigarette users it is more convenient to use disposables as opposed to simply buying a full kit. This is because there is a level of upkeep that comes with using a full kit so it is understandable how someone who spends more time on the go would want to use the much simpler version of the e cigarette. When you are buying disposable e cigarettes you run into the question of just how to use disposables on a regular basis. The answer to this is buying them buy the carton.

Cartons may seem to be overkill in price when compared to simply buying a full kit. However they are actually very affordable, especially when you compare them to the price of real cigarettes. A ten pack carton of disposables is roughly $90. This may be overkill for some on price but consider that the cheapest carton of real cigarettes is roughly $40. When you take into account that every disposable has the longevity of roughly three packs of cigarettes it becomes apparent how one is technically saving money.


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