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Why Banning Tobacco Displays Won’t Help Anything

There has been a recent push in many states as of late to ban convenience stores and tobacco shops from having their tobacco displays anywhere in sight of the customers. The most common reason that proponents of this idea have given for it is because they feel that the displays make cigarettes appealing to children. While many business owners and even non smokers find this notion to be ridiculous, there are others who feel that the measure simply would not do any good. Here are some reasons why banning tobacco displays will do nothing in the long run.

Smokers are people of habit. They know what brand they prefer, and when they walk into a convenience store or tobacco shop they know exactly what they want already. Think about it, when was the last time you saw a smoker staring at a display having a hard time figuring out what they want to buy? They knew what they wanted before they even walked in the store. Taking away the displays will do no good in that regard.

And as for the argument that tobacco displays make cigarettes appealing to children…well, this argument sounds like it was concocted by someone who hasn’t talked to a child since the early 80s. If you talk to any kid these days, 9 times out of 10 they will not only tell you that they don’t think smoking is cool, they will tell you that cigarettes are nasty. Kids these days have been conditioned to think that cigarettes are nasty and unappealing and that certainly shows given the fact that the number of youths smoking is at an all time low. If we are at a point in society where the very sight of things we disagree with is offensive, then that certainly says nothing good about the state of common sense.

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