Why Anti-Smoking Business Is Self Defeating

If you think about it, anti-smoking advocation has turned into a business unto itself. A business that, at its very core, is doomed to fail should it succeed. Think about it for a moment. If anti-smoking groups were to succeed and every smoker out there threw away their packs and lighters and never smoked again, then the anti-smoking activists would be out of a job (and yes, there are people who make a living trying to do away with smoking). It makes one wonder whether or not the thought crossed their mind. After all, when your job is dedicated to the eradication of something, you would at some point have to wonder just how difficult job hunting is going to be should you actually succeed.

Or maybe there is another angle to the whole thing? Could it be that some of the anti-smoking groups are well aware that they are essentially fighting a losing battle? After all, if they succeed, they are out of a job, and if they don’t succeed they…well, don’t succeed. It may be a little cynical to say, but perhaps there are some anti-smoking groups that are perfectly well aware of the rock and hard place they are caught between and are doing all they can to milk it for what it is worth. The fact is that lobbyists and politicians are building careers out of the anti-smoking issue. They’re basing their career on the promise of doing away with smoking, but the minute they finish they are out of a job. It would be like if a mechanic were to build his whole career around fixing one car, but knows the minute that one car is fixed, his job is over with.

So it begs the question of why so many people would be okay with hurtling towards a job that has no financially stable end? Is it because they believe that the end to smoking won’t happen before they retire? Or could it be that they don’t really want to see the end of smoking at all so that they can have a financially stable position? If so, are they truly anti smoking advocates and if not what will they do about it if smoking does eventually come to a complete stop. Anti smoking advocates truly are leading a self defeating career.

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