What Makes the Stealth Kit Unique

If there is one thing that can be said against e cigarettes it would be that they are sometimes kind of conspicuous. When you are out and about and what to discreetly use your e cigarette then there is no better kit for you than the 7s Stealth Kit. The Stealth Kit is the perfect way to vape incognito.

One of the things that makes the Stealth Kit perfect for vaping without drawing attention to yourself is the fact that it is small and black, unlike the bright white that is associated with most e cigarettes. One feature that really makes it stand out is the ability to put the battery into stealth mode, which turns off the light at the end of the battery that activates whenever you are using your e cig.

The kit comes loaded with accessories, primarily flavor cartridges. It also comes with a camo skin for those who spend time outdoors. It comes with a usb charger, six flavor cartridges, two camo skins, and two batteries.

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