What Makes E Cigarette Flavors Great

If you are a new found e cigarette user then you may still be adjusting to all of the differences they have with regular cigarettes. One of the things that is relatively easy to get used to is trying out the different flavors that are available. 7’s has one of the largest selections of e liquid flavors, ensuring that you never have to worry about becoming burnt out on using just one flavor.

While it may be easier to write off flavors as just a gimmick they are actually starting to gain a lot of fans. E liquid with different flavors isn’t just something for people who are tired of the same flavor all the time: they are for people who are looking to further divorce themselves from the nasty flavor of regular cigarettes. With e liquid you aren’t stuck with the same boring tobacco and menthol flavors. In fact, 7’s offers up seventeen flavors: tobacco, menthol, blueberry, apple, vanilla, chocolate, grape, mocha, strawberry, banana, berry, cola, cream, kiwi, orange, peanut butter, and cigar.

You may be wondering what makes the additional flavors offered by 7’s different from other brands and the answer is simple: authenticity. With 7’s you never have to guess what each flavor is supposed to taste like. You know that when you taste the blueberry flavor it will be just like a blueberry. Mocha tastes just like mocha. Orange tastes like orange. The flavors taste exactly the way they should instead of like an artificial version of them.

Additional flavors are at the core of what e cigarettes are all about: customizing your vaping experience to suit your own sensibilities. You can use flavors to make your e cigarette experience just a little bit more personal.

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