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Welfare For Cigarettes Criticism at All Time High

There has been an argument that has raged on for some time now about whether or not people who live on welfare should use the money they are given to buy cigarettes. It is an argument that has found its way into many states in the form of them implementing bans on using welfare money for cigarettes and other tobacco products. While some people have gone on to say that the government has no right to say what people spend that money on, equating buying cigarettes as no different than buying any other product with the money, others are saying that there is a very big difference.

The fact is that, addiction not withstanding, cigarettes are a luxury item. Nobody on the planet can make an argument about cigarettes being an absolute necessity. It is very easy to understand, however, where criticism of this measure comes from. There are a great many stereotypes about people who live on welfare and the fact is that each and every case is unique. This is a measure that needs to ultimately be put in the hands of the people if a satisfactory result is to be found.

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