Weber County Looks At Legality Of Selling E Cigarettes At County Fair

An electronic cigarette vendor has applied to the fair advisory board to sell the infamous electronic cigarette on site during the event.

The board has referred the application to the county attorney’s office for immediate review concerning the legal implications concerning the product.

A Federal Judge ruled in January of 2011 that e cigarettes are a tobacco product and that the FDA could assert regulation of the electronic cigarette as a tobacco product, but local officials are concerned with public health and wish to ensure the safety of the visitors to the fair.

A second concern over established rules concerning the sale of tobacco products and need answers before allowing the sale of products that could be considered tobacco products.

Board chairman Mike Mathieu referred it to legal authorities to make sure no rules or laws would be broken.

“We don’t know if it applies or not, or if it is related,” Mathieu said.

The electronic cigarette is mostly accepted by the public and smokers alike as a much better option to traditional tobacco cigarettes. There is no combusted material, eliminating the smoke that experts agree is the most damaging part of smoking.

Other areas of concern are where they would be allowed to be used.  Since they are absent of the horrid smell and second hand smoke, it has raised other questions concerning legislation that classified the e cigarette and hookahs as a part of the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act.

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