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Waukegan Park District Continues Trend of Banning All Tobacco Use

In Illinois the Waukegan Park District has passed an ordinance that has banned the use of any and all tobacco use of any kind. This means that not only are cigarettes banned from parks, but smokeless tobacco and e cigarettes are part of the ban as well. This has sparked outrage from many smokers, specifically because the decision was not made for the health of the public but rather because the district wants adults to be better role models for children.

We have stated before that states at least have a compelling argument when banning public smoking as there is the potential for health risk as a result of exposure to second hand smoke. But for them to say that they’re doing it to essentially force adults into being better role models not only seems like a reason that was made up on the spot, but it is down right offensive to smokers and their rights. Perhaps they need to take a cue from New York and use signs that ask smokers to voluntarily not smoke instead of passing a downright tyrannical ordinance that only serves to paint smokers in a negative light as people.


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