V2 vs Choice 7s E Cigarettes

The rage over V2 is well warranted, but if you are looking for a much superior product, you need to take a step back, calm down and take a look at what you can have from the Choice 7’s brand, formerly known as No 7 E Cigarettes.

Both have 180 Mah batteries, both put out awesome vapor and have great flavors, but that is where the similarities end, but before we go into the real differences, let’s take a look and see what we find.

Even though both are 180 Mah, the battery size makes a huge difference in usability. The batteries on V2 are much smaller, giving no more than 2 hours of use before needing a recharge.

This is not the case with the Choice 7’s e cigarettes. The battery is much larger and averages 8 hours of use from an average smoker. This means you can go to work with one charged battery and feel confident that they will last all day. With V2, you would need at least 4 batteries fully charged before you could even consider walking out the door.

We find it funny and almost comical that the forum pushes the KR808 (model of the V2 cig) for people who are first time buys and even acknowledges that the KR808 is very limited and that it is substandard compared to larger 180Mah system.

Customer service: This is where we really stand out. With over a 99% satisfaction, there are few brands that are even close to getting this right when compared to Choice 7’s.

With live phone customer service during regular business hours and a ticket system that is fully operational, you can rest assured that you are in good hands should you have any issues with our product.  V2 cannot make that claim.

Overall, Choice 7’s gives you a superior product at around the same price as V2 cigs and great flavors mixed right in with the best support system in the industry. Plus the batteries last 4 times longer between charges.

Take a look at our Choice 7’s Micro if you are looking for a solid investment in your future of using the electronic cigarette as you Choice alternative.

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