Utah Bill Signed into Law Despite No Evidence of E Cigarette Vapor Being Harmful

E Cigarette users in Utah have been dealt a frustrating blow in the form of Governor Herbert signing the HB245S3 bill, which states that e cigarettes fall under the public smoking ban, into law. This is frustrating to many e cigarette users, not only because of the ban, but because there is no evidence at all that the vapor emitted by e cigarettes is harmful to non smokers.

This troubles many e cigarette advocates who believe that the signing of the bill into law is a showing that their government is willing to sign a bill into law without having all of the facts. The truth is simply that there are no apparent harmful effects of e cigarette vapor and any arguments against them are purely speculation.

There are some e cigarette advocates that believe a bill such as this would inadvertently encourage smokers to stop using e cigarettes and go back to using traditional cigarettes and to believe that they are equally as dangerous. Many also fear that the ban could paint e cigarettes in a bad light to non smokers who could mistakenly believe that e cigarette vapor would do the same kind of harm as second hand smoke from regular cigarettes and cigars.

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