Using E Cigarettes In Public

E cigarettes have become significantly popular among smokers who are looking to have a better experience than the one offered by traditional cigarettes. If you are reading this, then there’s a good chance that you have seen someone out and about using an e cigarette. E cigarettes, depending on the state you live in, are generally permitted to be used in public. There are several reasons why e cigarettes are tolerated in public places.

First of all, e cigarettes do not put out a nasty, intolerable odor. In fact, they hardly put out any smell at all. This means that non smokers are not going to complain about a nasty cigarette smoke smell. One of the largest complaints from nonsmokers is that a person smoking near them in a public place disrupts their meal or good time with their cigarette smell. With electronic cigarettes this isn’t a problem because of the little to no odor.

E cigarettes are also welcome in a lot of public places because of the fact that their trash output is significantly less than regular cigarettes. With regular cigarettes you have to worry about ashes and cigarette butts and finding a place to put them out. Most people just throw the butts on the ground and think nothing of it. This is extremely annoying to non smokers and people who are environmentally minded. Since you do not light e cigarettes, they put out no ashes, which means no cigarette butts, which means a cleaner environment.

You do need to keep in mind that not all public places are as welcoming toward e cigarettes, and some states even include them with smoking bans. You need to be sure that the area you live in is okay with public e cigarette use, because breaking the law doesn’t exactly bode well for anybody.

If you want to give e cigarettes a try, then My 7’s is a great brand to start off with. They are user friendly and intuitive, not to mention are great quality.

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