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UK Cigarette Robbery Not Really Robbery?

In the UK, three teenage girls who were convicted of robbery have just had their convictions quashed. The three girls were convicted, specifically, of robbing an elderly woman not of her purse, not of her money, and not even of a full pack of cigarettes but of robbing the woman of a single lit cigarette. The judge ruled that, because no actual physical contact was made between the girls and the elderly woman it could not be considered a robbery but simply theft.

This is not the first story pertaining to the illegal obtaining of cigarettes, but its certainly one of the most ridiculous ones in recent memory. It makes one wonder just why all of these cigarette crimes are taking place. Perhaps it is all the tax hikes that have been taking place all across the globe. Even in the United States, cigarette prices have been rapidly rising and many incidents have taken place thus far seemingly because of these tax hikes.

Added together all of these incidents show the rising desperation among smokers. If nothing is done about the tax hikes to allow more comfort for smokers then they may have to move on to alternatives such as electronic cigarettes. Either way it’s ridiculous to see such high taxes on something that should be relatively cheap.

If you want to see the further exploits of would be idiotic cigarette thieves, click here.



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