Two Life Sentences For Cigarette Thief

It seems like some of the latest cigarette related crimes have been lifted right out of TV shows these days. 38 year old Charlie Smith was convicted by two judges on crimes that range from felony theft to kidnapping. Smith was one of three people who participated in the armed kidnapping of a truck driver in an attempt to steal the load of $150,000 worth of cigarettes.

It seems that these thefts and crimes are not only escalating in percentage but also in the violence. While this isn’t the most recent tobacco related crime, it is by far one of the worst. With an extensive prior history of both tobacco and other crimes under his belt Charlie Smith has been sentenced to two life sentences for first-degree felony aggravated kidnapping and engaging in organized criminal activity, as well as second-degree felony robbery.

With so many recent tax hikes and propositions in the works to make the lives of smokers harder and their wallets much lighter it looks as if this may not be the last we see of tobacco and cigarette related crime and smuggling. Something will most definitely have to be done sooner rather than later or the crime rate could very well see a hike as well.

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