Traveling With 7s

One of the biggest advantages that e cigarettes bring is that they are much better suited to travel than regular cigarettes. Think about what you go through to light a regular cigarette while driving. You have to pull out the lighter, roll down the window, pull out a cigarette, pull out the ash tray, somehow manage to light the cigarette, smoke it, flick ashes, and still be able to operate a two thousand plus pound piece of machinery. Needless to say smoking in the car can be a dicey and even dangerous affair.

Another advantage that e cigarettes have when traveling is the ability to use them almost everywhere. This means that if you make a pit stop you do not have to constantly scramble to find where you are going to use your e cig. Adding even more convenience is the fact that there is an assortment of travel friendly chargers available such as car chargers and USB chargers that you can plug into your laptop. E cigarettes cut out all of the unnecessary steps required to smoke while traveling and are definitely built with convenience in mind.

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