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Town’s Cigarette Display Law Challenged As Unconstitutional

The number of people who are furious with the large number of smoking bans that are sweeping the country are a group that seem to have been ignored by lawmakers. But one law that has definitely had not only smokers but vendors riled up is a law in Haverstraw, NY that prohibits tobacco products from even being in the very sight of customers. Vendors and tobacco companies are going so far as to say that the law is unconstitutional.

Seven tobacco companies, among other groups, have gone forward with a lawsuit challenging whether or not the law is unconstitutional. The mayor of the town already suspects that the law may be overturned simply because of the amount of money that will be thrown at the case.

This is, needless to say, appropriate action. There are numerous laws that make it clear that a store can display its products, harmful or not. This is just another example of laws being made to essentially baby the general republic instead of treating them like the fully fledged adults they are. As for the argument that it’s to keep products out of the sight of children, if parents are buying cigarettes then the child has most likely seen them smoke already, which should have far more of an impact than just seeing the packaged version of the product. And given the way that smoking is portrayed in the media these days it is highly doubtful that any child finds cigarettes intriguing or appealing in any way.

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