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Town Repeals Public Smoking Ban

In what is being considered a victory for smokers, the town of Norcross, Georgia has decided to repeal their ban on the public use of tobacco products. This is the result of a massive outpouring of protest against the ban. Specifically, the ban was repealed due to the argument that the ban was intrusive on the rights of smokers and many business owners voiced their concerns that such a ban would actually drive business away. This seems to be one of the few towns that has actually repealed that law.

Anti-smoking groups are sure to be disappointed by this turn of events, but the fact is that public smoking is being treated as some sort of spread disease when in all actuality the number of people actually lighting up in public places these days is low regardless of whether a place has a ban or not. Smokers are well aware that non smokers do not like cigarette smoke and will often go out of their way to make sure to light up away from non smokers. This repeal could echo in other towns across the country, though the true effect does remain to be seen.

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