Tornadoes in Texas Today

We hope that everyone in the surrounding areas who were involved in today’s horrific weather events are safe and well, we keep the family’s in mind that have been directly impacted as we witnessed some very rough storms ourselves and can not imagine what others are going through.

Our primary production and fulfillment facility was not affected by the storms any worse than what rain and hail can do (Thankfully). We are fully operational although we did experience a short power outage during the late afternoon but not long enough to drain our power backups that we keep in place to ensure reliable communication for our customers. Utilizing our close relationships with the shipping carries, we have been ensured that all shipments are on schedule, and in route. We do not anticipiate any delays moving forward anytime soon.

For those who have been affected with damage to the home, rest assured that with insurance coverage you will be taken care of. In times of larger post-disasters it does require patience with longer than usual wait periods to get through to the providers to schedule adjuster appointments. Hopefully you can cover and protect as much of your homes as possible during the waiting periods. Stay safe, sheltered and protect your belongings the best you can. We wish all the best of luck, sincerely.

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