Tobacco Prohibitionists

Tobacco Prohibition Proponent Numbers Growing

To say that smoking as we know it could go through prohibition, much like alcohol once did, may sound rather extreme to some, but with so many states adopting public smoking bans and tax hikes that are certainly making buying cigarettes unbearable on the wallet, it may not be quite as far fetched as it sounds. But for those who think a literal form of prohibition will rear its head soon, you may not be too far from the truth. The fact is that the number of people out there who are calling for a complete and total ban of tobacco products (this means cigarettes, e cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and anything that even remotely sounds like it is related to smoking) is growing, and they seem to be doing what they can to gain support.

These groups, however, come off as very abrasive towards smokers. The message that smokers receive from them isn’t “we want to get rid of cigarettes”, but “we want to get rid of smokers”. Granted, that may not be the intended message that such groups are meaning to send, but it doesn’t change the fact that the world smokers are living in right now is one that lets them know on a daily basis that they are not welcome. With public smoking bans in place all across the country and more and more states adopting such bans, it seems that the only place a smoker can feel welcome is their own home, and if their home happens to be an apartment then they may not even be able to smoke there either.

Smokers are running out of options, and the pressure that smoking prohibition groups are trying to apply isn’t helping matters either. In the name of trying to help nonsmokers, the groups are inadvertently bullying smokers. It makes one wonder if they have questioned the gravity of just what they are proposing: forcing millions of people to quit cold turkey.

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