Tobacco Flavor Argument Rages On

The heated debate over whether or not tobacco products, such as e cigarettes, should be allowed to use flavors beyond menthol and tobacco is raging on, with Canadian lawmakers seeking to put a ban on alternative tobacco flavors. Critics of flavored tobacco products have thrown around some pretty heated accusations, even going so far as to say that the products are being marketed towards children. It is a very serious accusation, one that many tobacco product users take offense to as well. The argument is being made that nobody is marketing flavored energy drinks or flavored alcoholic beverages to young children, but they have many of the same flavors available for those products.  Since no one is calling for a ban on either of those product lines (that are allowed much more advertising, even on television), you have to consider the hypocrisy of the issue overall.

Tobacco advertising is practically non-existent and with so many anti-smoking advertisements and materials out there, smoking among young people is only going down. So it makes one wonder just how children would find cigarettes appealing in the first place. Restricting flavors, especially for products such as e cigarettes which have thus far yielded no known negative health effects for the users or those around them, is not the best way to go about keeping cigarettes from being appealing to children. It is not even a sensible way to go about it. It is more difficult now than ever before for a child to purchase cigarettes and by the time they are old enough to obtain cigarettes they are already well aware of the health consequences of smoking.