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The Roll Your Own Cigarette Shop Argument Further Explained

Roll your own cigarette shops have been in the spotlight recently due to the fact that they have become extremely popular among smokers who are looking for a cheaper alternative to packaged cigarettes. As a result of that popularity, the government has taken notice and has realized that they had left a proverbial stone unturned and underneath that stone was the opportunity to make even more tax money.

A recent bill had hidden in it a redefinition of roll your own cigarette shops, stating that they were not actually stores but manufacturers instead. This means that roll your own cigarette shops will either have to pay higher taxes or shut down. This has a lot of smokers frustrated because it means that saving money is pretty much out of the question for them now. It is even more devastating to the business owners who depend on the revenue from their shops.

This has opened up the argument: why was the redefinition of roll your own cigarette shops essentially hidden? Was the government worried that people would catch on and oppose it quickly? That seems to be the case. The fact is that roll your own cigarettes have dodged taxes quite a bit recently, and having a shop that caters to the roll your own crowd was a gold mine for everyone involved but the government. This almost seems like an example of taxation for taxation’s sake. Many feel that it is unfair for the shops to be considered manufacturers. We will have more as the story unfolds, but it certainly seems dire no matter what way it plays out.

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