The Big Deal About E Cigarette Flavors

E cigarette flavors have been wildly popular as of late. Smokers who want a way to enjoy smoking again with a superior product, such as the 7’s brand, have a lot to love about e cigarettes. But one thing that seems to be a magnet of controversy is that of e cigarette flavors. E cigarette flavors, in fact, have been somewhat of a lightning rod of controversy, primarily among people who feel that this somehow creates an appeal to children. Here are some reasons why e cigarette flavors are perfectly fine, and why they are definitely not being aimed at children.

To get the topic out of the way, e cigarettes are not marketed towards children. However, some people seem to think that flavor variety means that children will instantly find appeal, or that the product is being marketed specifically to children. These people would most likely have a conniption if they knew that products such as condoms and alcoholic beverages have flavor selections as well. The fact is, adults like chocolate too. And most smokers would tell you that they hate the flavor of regular cigarettes. So it makes sense that they would want to use different flavors on a product that offers different flavors. Flavor selection does not equal marketing to children.

The fact is, flavor variety is great for e cigarette users who are sick of the only selection available to them being tobacco and menthol. E cigarette flavors offer variety to adults who deserve them. If people are so set on banning e cigarette flavors for fear of children finding them appealing, then they need to line up to ban condom and alcohol flavors too.

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