Teen Attacks Elderly Woman Over Cigarette

We’ve covered the rising number of crimes being committed over cigarettes and the rising cigarette taxes. We’ve specifically talked about things like cigarette smuggling but this one takes the cake. A teenager has attacked a 73 year old woman because she refused to give him a cigarette. When the teen, roughly 16, asked the woman for a cigarette she told him that he looked too young to smoke. He then pedaled away on his bike and then returned where it is said he hit her repeatedly in the back and possibly even in the face.

While this is certainly not a tax motivated crime, it’s still something that is profound to think about. With the number of young people that smoke down exponentially, what is it that could possibly motivate someone to commit a crime like this? This is yet another example of a crime that can be filed under the strange, bizarre, and cruel category. While this is not the only petty cigarette crime to come about lately, it is certainly the most shocking. Regardless of motivation it is definitely heinous.

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