Team 7’s Born – Stand Up 2 Cancer

Today, we’ve established a partnership with and have created “TEAM 7’s “. is a fundraising organization that collaborates with teams and individuals to efficiently manage donations. 100% of the donation is forwarded to go directly towards battling cancer. These donations fund science & research specifically for the cure of cancer “pre” and “post” generation, of all types. makes available productive fund raising event resources or methods to increase awareness, exposure, and support for cancer diseases. Through this support, the organization reaches millions to educate what cancer is, how life threatening it can be, and what we can to do to help fight for others.

With our partnership and support between we’ve created the goal of hitting $100,000 in donations through “TEAM 7’s” by 2015 ( or earlier ) . I have been appointed as the lead advocate for the “TEAM 7’s” , and I am committed to seeing this through via every opportunity possible, further increasing awareness of not only our team and fund raising power, but the powerful support of many in regards to battling cancer.

Cancer has hugely affected my life through the loss of multiple family members, as well as the many whom have shared stories with me through our efforts of the 7’s Electronic Cigarette brand. We hope to achieve our goal with the support of our loyal customers and through the support of our communities. My heart goes out to those who have been affected by cancer. We can only take one day at a time and spend the precious moments together without taking any ones time for granite.

Cancer is still a very complex disease, while many have seen success just in the short recent years thanks to extreme breakthroughs of science that we directly support through the endeavors we are all a part of. Joining “TEAM 7’s” helps strengthen the fight to prevent anyone from young to old of ever experiencing the disease. It’s never too late to join and donate to support the community. Your support goes to preventing the people closest to you from the differences of life and death. We invite you to take the time, to comment, ask questions, and learn more about the organization and how you can further help.

We look forward to growing the awareness together, and supporting those in need. Donate what you can afford, we do not wish for anyone to over extend beyond their abilities. Look for our “widgets” and we as well invite you to share the same web widgets to show your support if you own a blog, news site, or store. We are thankful for your donations through “TEAM 7’s” and appreciate every donation that supports “TEAM 7’s” and StandUp2Cancer.

There is no “I” in TEAM, and with the support of us all, we can achieve not only good but great. You can donate directly through TEAM 7’s page here.

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