Tammy Moore-Frank – Dallas, Georgia

Great product and satisfies the cravings for a regular cigarette. Minty fresh breath all the time instead of that wet ash tray smell. Love the Cartomizers!! They are quick and easy with no mess or fuss, just screw one on and you are good to go. Customer service is the best I’ve ever come across! They truly care about their customers and as for the company they stand behind their product 100% If you have a problem or an issue, just call them and tell them the next thing you know you have the information you need and if it’s a product problem, it’s being taken care of!!!! Everyone there is wonderful, polite and willing to take the time to help you!

I began using my E-Cigarette about the end of August to September of 2010. I was a bit apprehensive at first but knew I needed to do something to quit smoking. My husband was behind me all the way with my decision and that made things so much easier for me. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to just stop the real thing so with my last pack of cigarettes I had I weened off of them and onto my 7’s. I couldn’t believe it and neither could my husband. My father was proud of me as well, seeing as we has lost my mother to lung cancer in 2007 so this was a major break through for me. It was about the 2nd week in September of 2010 when things took a turn for the worst for my father and he was in ICU. I can’t even begin to to express how much I relied on my 7’s and I didn’t have to go anywhere to smoke, I was there with him all the time and everyone thought it was the coolest thing they had ever seen. He went home then it was another 2 weeks later he was in CCU and this time it wasn’t good. While I played music through the night with trusty 7’s in my hand I never left his side until the end.

Had I never discovered you I don’t know if I would have been there all I can say is Thank You for giving me a product that I love and enjoy! It’s also fun to have fun with people too. They always want to know how I’m not burning myself because of how I hold it. I just laugh and tell them it’s electronic and then they are interested in it so I tell them about it and the story of daddy. Thank You 7’s You all are the Greatest!!!!!!

Tammy Moore-Frank – Dallas, Georgia

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