suffolk smoking ban

Suffolk County NY Hit With Outdoor Smoking Ban With a Good Twist

It seems as though the idea of areas exempt from public smoking may finally be starting to catch on. A smoking ban in Suffolk County, New York is to take effect soon. But what sets this ban apart from the other bans that we have seen lately is that private clubs, golf courses, campgrounds, and even parking lots are going to be exempt from the ban.

This is a huge deal for smokers as it shows that the lawmakers were willing to give smokes designated smoking areas for the times when they are out in public and need a cigarette. In fact the primary places where the ban is to take effect are parks and beaches, and this was based on the fact that these are areas that are frequented by children.

This could be a major turning point in the high number of smoking bans out there. There have been far too many smoking bans that have brushed the needs of smokers aside without even an ounce of consideration. This could be the step needed to finally have the voices of smokers heard. If not that, then it is at least a sign that somebody out there is willing to weight the situation with fairness to both sides of the ban.

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