Study Finds Many Young Smokers Are Dual Users

In a recent study it has been found that approximately three out of every ten young adult smokers are “dual users.” The term means that they do not simply prefer cigarettes, but using alternatives such as hookas and cigars. While there are many who do not see the value in such information, it can actually be very beneficial for those who are trying to find an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

E cigarettes are an extremely popular choice for alternatives to traditional cigarettes and take the same amount of time to get a nicotine fix where as a hooka session last any where from 5 minutes to an hour. Being small and relatively similar in both looks and weight to traditional cigarettes they are also made more for the person on the go, capable of being held in a purse or bag with no chances of fire or damage.

In today’s technological age it’s rather surprising that electronic cigarettes haven’t caught on with young adult smokers as much as originally estimated. Being a small machine and on the cutting edge of technology it was seemingly an idea that would catch on quickly with younger smokers but didn’t. Many barely know they exist or seem to think they’ll be pricier than they actually are. Either way it seems that with so many young people entering the smoking genre something will have to be done to create more alternatives to traditional cigarettes if the tobacco companies want to keep these smokers smoking.

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