Study Finds E Cigarette Usage Lowers Regular Cigarette Usage

A recent study among 43 new e cigarette users has found a 40% decrease in daily regular cigarette consumption. This is something that has many e cigarette proponents reacting positively as it may be used to further the case that e cigarettes are better for you than regular cigarettes. However, the study team that reported the findings are coming under fire for saying that tobacco toxicant exposure was not lowered. Many feel that this is a falsification of findings simply because if a person is using less of a tobacco product, there must be a decrease in contact with the toxic chemicals present in tobacco cigarettes.

The findings of the study are controversial to both sides of the e cigarette argument. On one hand, if the study is indeed falsely reporting that the toxicity levels of e cigarette use remains the same even with a 40% decrease in tobacco use, then the entirety of the argument must be thrown out the window. However, if it is true that new e cigarette users cut back that much on regular cigarettes, then there is a strong chance that the findings could still be used to strengthen the argument for e cigarettes as a replacement for regular cigarettes. The fact is that the debate will continue to rage on between e cigarette proponents and opponents until more concrete evidence is presented.

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