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Springfield Smoking Ban Upheld

Springfield, Missouri has upheld their year long smoking ban despite the protests of smokers all across the area. A serious point of contention between smokers and non smokers was over a bar, in which the smokers felt that it should be a designated smoking area. Exception was not taken and the law has been fiercely rigid in its definition of just what constitutes smoking in public.

What makes this ban unique, however, is that it was based on voting and the non-smokers won out over the smokers. What many smokers find frustrating about his is that they feel that it has put a wall between them and non smoker. Smokers feel alienated and unwanted, and the fact that the vote was so heavily skewed against smokers shows that they certainly have a right to feel that way.

It feels as though the needs of non smokers is being held in higher esteem over that of the smokers. It seems as though a level of stigma is being placed on smokers and that they are being punished by non smokers. So it makes one wonder if not even allowing designated smoking areas is all part of this punishment.

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