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Smoking Cessation Classes Could Catch On

Smoking cessation is something that seems to have been swept under the rug in the midst of the anti-smoking debates. Some feel that all smoking cessation does is keep you hooked on nicotine while others feel that it is a highly valuable method that has seen many people quit. There is a whole industry built around the very idea of smoking cessation and now there are soon to be classes.

In Illinois there are set to be smoking cessation classes for people who are essentially trying to ween themselves off of cigarettes. One of the things that the class sets out to teach is how to use group support to curb cravings, but it will also cover smoking cessation products. While this is obviously great, it makes one wonder just how such products will be presented. Will they be presented as a viable tool or will they simply be considered an after thought and not a serious method of smoking cessation.

This certainly seems like a more straight forward and head on solution as opposed to what can only be described as the passive aggressive response of the endless smoking bans that have taken place all across the US. Hopefully smoking cessation classes will catch on.


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