smoking bans in parks expanding

Smoking Bans Still Expanding In Public Parks

The smoking bans that have been sweeping the country over the past few years have expanded from public places likes bars and restaurants to even apartments. One place that is certainly no surprise is that of public parks. More and more parks are adopting a zero tolerance policy on smoking and while it is something that is frustrating to many smokers, there is an angle that is often left out whenever people talk about the bans: that of litter.

The fact is that one of the biggest gripes that nonsmokers have with people who smoke in public is that there is often litter left behind. Cigarette butts are annoying to have to clean up, whether you are a smoker or not. Somebody has to clean up the mess that is left behind when you smoke in a public place like that. It makes sense that there are parks that are banning smoking as a result of the amount of trash and litter that is left behind.

So if litter is the primary cause of banning smoking in parks and places of a similar nature, it seems as though it would be in the best interest of smokers that live in areas where smoking in parks is not banned to clean up after themselves. Perhaps bans in places like that would be less frequent if nonsmokers saw that the smokers respected the area enough to help do their part to keep it clean. While it may not put a stop to the bans as a whole, every little bit helps at this point.

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