Smoking Banned At Angkor Temples

In one of the few public smoking bans that nobody can disagree with, Cambodia has put a ban on smoking in, on, or around the famed Angkor temples. Citing the possibilities of forest fires and concern for the health of tourists, it is felt that cutting out smoking in the legendary temples is definitely a good idea. But another reason why the ban is necessary is quite simple: the beauty of the temples would definitely not be complimented with ashes and cigarette butts.

Smoking bans are normally made as a means to cater to the comfort of non smokers and often they are very biased against smokers, even to the point of there not even being a designated smoking area. However, in the case of places such as the Angkor temples which are renowned for their beauty, banning smoking as a preservative method most definitely makes sense. If these temples are going to be around for future generations, then the current one needs to take care of it and keep things clean. This is one instance where any smokers that wish to complain should probably keep their mouths shut instead.

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