Smoking Ban Groups in Smokeless Tobacco As Well

In what is coming as a shock to nobody, an Oregon county has put a ban on smoking in public places. This certainly lines up with the anti-public smoking bans that are being seen all across the country, it is worth noting that the ban has decided to group in smokeless tobacco products such as chewing tobacco and e cigarettes like these. While it is understandable how smoking could be banned, many smokeless tobacco users are being left scratching their heads about why smokeless tobacco products would be banned as well.

It can be easily guessed that the reason for the smokeless tobacco ban is simply a trash concern, but it still makes one wonder if it was out of concern for trash left behind from smokeless tobacco or if the products were grouped in simply because they are tobacco products. The fact is people who use tobacco products of any kind are being ostracized and even stigmatized by non-smokers. If this ban was done out of environmental concerns, then it is easily understandable, but if it was simply because smokeless tobacco products are just that, tobacco products, then it makes one wonder just how much consideration went into that part of the ban.