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Smokers’ Rights Group Sues To Have No Smoking Signs Removed

A smokers’ rights group is suing the New York Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation in order to have no smoking signs removed from parks and other areas of outdoor recreation. They are suing saying that the signs are a form of harassment towards smokers despite the fact that, at least at this point, the signs are asking smoking to voluntarily not smoke in parks and the other previously mentioned places.

It is worth noting, however, that there were plans to make the non smoking signs be the agents of much more serious regulation that would have lead to anyone smoking in an area with one of the signs being slapped with a disorderly conduct ticket. That measure was fortunately stopped, but many smokers feel this is not enough.

It is certainly understandable why they would sue as smokers are becoming more and more stigmatized by a society that, either intentionally or by accident, has told them that they are not welcome in public places so long as they have their packs and lighters on them. It is a tricky situation to respond to, as once again the signs are asking, not telling, smokers to voluntarily not light up. However the signs could simply be a way of desensitizing the public until an actual ban is put in place.


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