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Smokers Fight Proposed State Park Smoking Ban

Kyle Newton May 10, 2012 News & Politics Comments Off
Smokers Fight Proposed State Park Smoking Ban

Smokers Fight Proposed State Park Smoking Ban

It comes as no surprise anymore when one hears about a state or city banning public smoking. However, one rarely hears about smokers taking a stand against those bans. In New York, a proposed ban on smoking in state parks is being met with heavy criticism among smokers. With the state already cracking down hard on smoking in public, smokers have fewer and fewer places to be able to smoke. Many smokers feel that this is a form of discrimination, but proponents of the ban say that it is a way to keep the parks cleaner. By removing cigarette butts from the equation they are keeping the parks from being further polluted.

But, it does beg the question as to whether or not any consideration is being used in terms of how the ban is implemented. Many smokers believe that designated smoking areas are a good compromise that would allow smokers to be able to smoke when they need to without leaving behind unnecessary cigarette butts. If the ban is passed the ramifications could be felt across the country in the form of similar bans, but that remains to be seen.

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