Pipe Tobacco

Smokers Evading Cigarette Taxes By Switching to Pipes

With cigarette prices rising to all time highs as a result of tax increases, smokers all across the country are setting out to avoid having to pay the higher taxes. One way that they are doing this is to ditch regular cigarettes altogether and switch over to using pipes. While this is an example of just how easily people can adapt to adverse situations, it is interesting to see just how easily smokers have made the transition to using pipes and other forms of tobacco products.

Many smokers have even switched over to using cigars, since they are free of the tax increases. Some smokers, however, are not making the switch quite as easily. There are many smokers who feel that cigars are a little bit too strong in comparison to cigarettes. On top of that, cigars have a smell that is more difficult to get rid of. It should be noted that the cigars that many smokers are switching to are the smaller ones that are factory made, as they are less expensive to produce than full sized cigars that are made by hand.