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Smokers Are Not Bad People

A recent ordinance has declared that no tobacco use of any kind will be allowed. This means that no cigarettes, e cigarettes, or smokeless tobacco will be allowed. The given reason was to make adults be better role models to children. In other words it was not a matter of public health but rather appearance. This has many flat out offended because they essentially chose to beat around the bush and say that smokers are bad people. This is exactly the kind of stigma that we can expect to see more of should this line of reasoning catch on.

It is bad enough that many smokers deal with the fact that they have a very unhealthy addiction on a day to day basis, but for park officials to ban tobacco use simply for the sake of appearances reeks of good old fashioned snobbery. This encourages people to essentially look down on smokers in a round about way. Add that to the fact that we are now living in a society which cannot even stand the site of tobacco products themselves, let alone people actually using them.

To make things worse, people who use e cigarettes are, admittedly to a somewhat lesser degree, are looked at in the same light despite the fact that e cigarettes do not even put out smoke. It seems as though organizations and lawmakers are doing their utmost to get rid of smoking and tobacco products in general with either heavy taxing or public bans and so far it looks like they’re winning. But what makes it truly worse is that in the process they are sending the message that anyone who uses a tobacco product is a bad person.

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