six plead guilty to cigarette smuggling

Six Plead Guilty In Cigarette Smuggling

Cigarette bootlegging is getting out of control. With taxes getting higher and higher, smokers are looking for anything they can to help combat the cost even if it means breaking the law. Six South Carolina residents have just plead guilty in their participation in cigarette smuggling. Six more are set to go to trials in September. If these tax hikes on cigarettes are getting so bad that running and illegal business seems to be a better option for some then it begs the question of whether or not the tax hikes are really necessary in the first place.

After all what money the government or other organizations make on these taxes couldn’t compare to the money spent tracking, catching, and sentencing the bootleggers. All without taking into account that they’ll most likely be going to prison with free room and board and three square meals a day all payed for by yours truly: the tax payers. So while we’re paying taxes for cigarettes we’ll also be paying to punish the people who don’t. Fantastic isn’t it?

So after you take this all into account and let it buzz around your mind for a moment also think about the fact that this is pretty much all for a pack of cigarettes and it’s taxes. Is it really worth it and if not why do they continually keep raising them? After all, if cigarettes are causing this much trouble at this price what happens when they’ve doubled it?

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