Should the FDA Leave E Cigarettes Alone?

With public opinion growing in favor of e cigarettes, it seems as though the FDA is doing more to try and ban the products. Despite the fact that e cigarettes cause no environmental damage and do not put out any secondhand smoke, e cigarettes have been grouped in with smoking bans across the country. This is leading many to wonder just how well the FDA knows e cigarettes. The FDA refuses to acknowledge even the possibility of e cigarettes as a form of tobacco replacement therapy despite the fact that there are many e cigarette users who actually use their e cigarettes in that capacity.

This has opened up the argument as to whether or not the FDA should leave the e cigarette industry alone. Many wonder if the FDA has some other motive for continuously trying to block e cigarettes, especially when there has been no evidence that they can cause harm. The primary reason why so many people have confidence in e cigarettes comes from the fact that they allow the user to receive their nicotine in a way that resembles smoking without taking in the four thousand carcinogens and various toxins that come from regular cigarettes. While the relevance of the FDA in the affairs of e cigarette users is debatable, e cigarette users will continue to use whatever means they can to make the FDA listen to them.



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