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Should Films Stop Featuring Smoking?

The attorney general in Ohio has made the statement that movies should stop featuring smoking, particularly in films aimed at children. The statement he makes suggests that any exposure of the concept of smoking does damage to children. This, however, is somewhat a redundant and possibly even outdated sentiment. The fact is, films that depict smoking in them have had the smoking taken into account for their rating. On top of that, the statement has drawn disagreement due to the fact that it does not take things such as context or character into account. For example, in the animated film Rango a villain is featured smoking, but the hero of the film is not. This could actually further cause children to associate smoking as a bad thing. However, no such consideration is made when the topic comes up.

The question is whether pretending smoking doesn’t exist will actually do anything to help keep children from developing an interest in smoking? It seems that the best way to deal with the subject of keeping kids from wanting to smoke is to continue to reinforce the health effects that smoking will have, instead of simply closing their eyes to it and hoping they never ever see or hear of smoking.–1373886.html