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Santa Monica’s Apartment Smoking Ban Is Sparking Outrage

We recently reported on a new Santa Monica law which would prevent apartment tenants from smoking in their apartment. While the law does allow for current tenants who smoke to continue smoking if they declare that they smoke in their apartment, it would prevent new tenants from being able to smoke. The law has sparked outrage over what many are saying is a prime example of the state overstepping its bounds.

The primary source of outrage stems from people being told what they can and can’t do in their own homes. While they may not actually own the apartment it is still a space that they pay to live in. There have been complaints that the state is essentially trying to be a nanny to smokers and a law such as this certainly seems to be evidence of the claim. It was one thing to put bans on smoking in public as there’s at least a somewhat compelling argument to be made, but banning smoking in one’s home seems to be a form of unofficial smoking prohibition, something we have talked about at length here.

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